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About Us

Jimmy Blacks was founded by James and Jimmy; two Melbourne based professionals who have always had a huge interest in health and wellbeing. After James decided to base his diet around more plant based foods, he discovered the amazing goodness contained within black beans and the unique formula of Jimmy Blacks Organic Black Bean Powder. Jimmy soon followed suit taking the powder daily.....

After the two saw the amazing health and wellbeing results, Jimmy Blacks was born. Both James and Jimmy continue to consume the product on the daily and hope that you too, can not only see the physical, but also the mental benefits of Jimmy Blacks Organic Black Bean Powder.

Things we are committed to:

  • We are 100% natural and always will be! No flavors, nothing added, we don't sugar-coat anything (pardon the pun), its all from nature.
  • We are committed to 100% quality....... how we do ANYTHING is how we do EVERYTHING!
  • We love listening to you guys, so please tell us what you think, your stories, your inspirations or your grievances.
  • We want to provide you with up to date information and products that can enrich your life!
  • We hope that all we can help you in achieving your goals whatever they may be.